Pokemon Go News!

Pokemon Go News!

Pokemon Go News!

Pokemon Go fans received an update for the game, available in Google Play. Now, players have exciting new options that they can eperience. Buddy, is the latest innovation from Pokemon Go. Buddy option allows the player to choose a pokemon that occur with him. Thus, this Pokemon will be always with his trainer. The advantaje for player is that with this way the player can win Candy for his pokemon as it moves. By accumulating points, will advance faster in the game. The new update of the game solved some problems earlier rather unpleasant. Now, if the internet network is changed during the game, the application no longer stops.

Pokemon GO 1.5.0 for iPhone and iPad

The popular game based on augmented reality, Pokemon Go has been updated in version 1.5.0. The news is quite good for new player of Pokemon Go, since the update adds a feature that will simplify gym – battles. First, the 1.5.0 version of Pokemon Go comes with the feature “Pokemon Rating”, which will make that the team leaders in the game gives users information on attack and defense capabilities of each Pokémon, so that they can easily determine which of its pokemon be used in a gym-battle. Obviouslly, this feature will not even be considered as useful by the older players of Pokemon Go, but beginners will love to have, given they provide valuable information about the skills and weaknesses of each character, which they be permitted to use those Pokemon battles always right. Separately from Pokemon Rating, Niantic announces that Pokemon Gp corrects an error that made the pokemon defeated at 1HP would not break. They also announced several other corrections of minor errors, which does not provide more details, but give us the promise that working hard on new features captivating that they will enter into play in the future more or less appropiate.

This new update of Pokemon Go comes at a time when strategic as possible, given that earlier this week appeared on the internet information that the public interest in Pokemon Go is in freefall. That means developers from Niantic must continue to implement new features that would make users to be again interested to leave their homes to hunt Pokemon. Pokemon Go has been praised by health experts because it encourages people to go out and do sport. Many people said that virtual reality game helped him to get rid of depression. Apart from walking to catch Pokemon, the game lets you find eggs that hatch after you go through a certain distance. Some players have already discovered a method that can cheat, not to do more exercise. IT experts earn significant sums from the game. They created software that trick the servers that host the application. Those who are lazy or do not have time to roam the streets, can also pay to choose any place in the world in which to hunt.

Through a special algorithm, the program seeks Pokemon for them and makes them grow strong. The goal is to win battles with other users. Choose a common Pokemon on your regular routes and try to catch as many of them the same way to transfer teacher in exchange for candy. Focus your forces on a certain Pokemon (common in your area) will make the fights you can use a pokemon could evolve stronger than others.

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